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NSA Whistleblower Ed Snowden: Saddam Hussein did WTC 7

Ed Snowden revealed former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein perpetrated the attack on World Trade Center 7. (File Photo)
Ed Snowden revealed former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein perpetrated the attack on World Trade Center 7. (File Photo)

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden has revealed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein gave the order for the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7 on September 11, 2001. Able to access the electronic communications of anyone, the elite hacker-fugitive is changing the very shape of history by leaking 9/11 truth.

For years before 9/11, Hussein had been plotting an attack on the World Trade Center site. According to documents released Saturday by Snowden, Hussein was unaware that the al-Qaeda terrorist organization had been plotting a parallel, and much more ambitious, attack of its own. On the morning of 9/11, once he noticed the success of bin Laden’s attack, Hussein quickly gave the go-ahead for his own military strike, even though it was originally planned for a date weeks later.

Snowden shared internal emails between the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The emails discuss how the Iraqi Republican Guard broke into WTC 7 in August 2001. Then the elite Iraqi unit, who swore allegiance directly to the Iraqi dictator, proceeded to plant hundreds of pounds of conventional explosives, in addition to a highly reactive compound called “nano-thermite,” on the building’s superstructure.

Hundreds of pages of correspondence by senior Bush administration officials, which Snowden has provided, indicate that NIST was little more than the government’s propaganda arm. Former Vice President Cheney ordered NIST to cover up the truth about 9/11, he wrote in December 2001, “even if it means making it look like we did it.”

NIST and the CIA appear to have had knowledge of Hussein’s hand from as early as November 2001.

“Orders came down to NIST to put a clamp-down on their discovery of Iraq-linked nano-thermite in the molten-hot debris,” said Snowden. He added, “It’s basically the same thing they do all the time to the global warming studies on behalf of the oil companies.”

While most  Americans understand the terrorists who guided the ill-fated planes that day to have been Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Lebanese and Emiratee, Snowden’s revelation that the Iraq War was not waged simply to seize Iraqis’ oil is likely to surprise many.

“It wasn’t just about the genocidal machinations of Christian crusader Zionists,” said Snowden in his suite at Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel. “In order to help the [Federal Bureau of Investigation] save some face, [former National Security Adviser Condoleezza] Rice and Cheney decided  that a slip-up of that magnitude would lead to the firing of too many political appointees. So they squelched the story. Their cronies in the criminal mainstream media played along, or” – Snowden made a “double tap” gesture of firing a gun into the brain and the heart.

Those assassinations, he said, happened “whenever somebody got ‘too close to the sun,’ as White House officials called it in code. Often that necessitated their taking drastic steps – the persecutions of [9/11 scholar] Chris Bollyn and [9/11 journalist] Amy Goodman, the assassinations of [9/11 scholar] Phillip Marshall and [9/11 whistleblower] Barry Jennings, you name it.”

Angstrom Troubador, associate professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, expressed shock and dismay at Snowden’s having definitively revealed the truth about 9/11. Said Troubador by phone, “There’s a saying in the Beltway: ‘You’re nobody in this town if you haven’t apologized for supporting the Iraq War.’ But knowing that Saddam Hussein did WTC 7 will lead to some major shake-ups and axeings at [the Council on Foreign Relations] and the rest of the think-tank crowd.”

“To think,” added Troubador, “that the conventional wisdom – that Bush’s answers about Hussein’s role in 9/11 were cryptic or criminally deceitful – is now torn asunder. The reality is Bush was like a vigilant, better-knowing father.”

Confidentiality agreements with Snowden stipulate that much of the fugitive’s documentation of the Hussein-World Trade Center 7 connection cannot be released until after he receives successful asylum.

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Wow! Even though I knew Saddam wasn’t involved, deep down I knew he was.

PS Does Snowden have any files pertaining to Louie Gohmert’s recently admitted student exchange visit to the USSR in the mid 70’s. I’m not saying he’s part of a Soviet sleeper cell, but he probably is.

This is why alex jones has so many followers, do you know how many dumb Americans are so uneducated and beleive everything everyone else tells them, just like that…it must be true!! Amazing isn’t it, how so many Americans can actually tie there shoes on their own!! go back to alex jones james trusting,,haha…trusting, that would be your downfall in this day and age!!

I can not fathom that anyone would take this serious…..the entire site is…as they put it …shitpost city….

i’m leaving this site, it’s dis-info. Sadam spent more time sorting out his crack pot son, he wouldn’t have had the time to plan f all

whistle blower..hahahahahaha, you can’t even figure out that your leader alex jones is just that, a distraction and a master at misinformation!! You know what is sickening, even alex admits, after beinng outted by us REAL TRUTHERS, that yes, half of his family is CIA, so do you morons of aj’s not think that it is a cia web site, and yes, it knocks the cia, but only on things that are already out there and alex can’t be obvious about his lies, he has to be careful, so not to be caught by all, but some of us did, by REALLY reading and thinking critically when reading his articles, and more importantly, investigating and researching other sites, history and other alternative sources that you know actaully do speak truth and it is seen by the fruits they bare!

I know, that is why alex jones’ followers are laughable and why alex jones is laughing at all of his still brainwashed and braindead followers! Alex knows it is a joke, a joke on all of his followers, jut because he is truthful with some information, doesn’t make him a truther, because what you don’t know, dummies who follow alex, is that ommission or half truuth is not truth, BUT A LIE! he’s a CIA wannbe who works for them and obama, both of which are trying as hard as they can to start a civil war, so martial law can be imposed…get AJ idiots! Go back to sleep, just because alex woke people up to SOME truth, which govn’t knew was ALREADY out there and needed someone to distract, diltute aor completely mislead wtih lies, which is also the thug cia’s way of suckinng people in to then misinform on what really counts AJ dummies!!

Where is the source that alex jones is cia, and works for obama? are we just gonna take you’re words for it?? then u got little credibility

Priceless. It seems that some are angry that this is Satire and not truth, confused by it. Sadly I bet the same ones think of sites like InfoWars as truth and not Satire.

Y2K! Boo!

have people not realized that this site is like the onion? the dumbing down of america is apparently working well

No that is infowars/prisoplanet you are thinking of. Trish, just post as troll, take your first initial and the “oll” in your last name and their you go, a more suitable name for you, besides moron! Go back to infowars and learn nothing…hahaha

No it is not, israHELL/ Saudi Arabia (SA-which is infiltrated like the US govn’t), finacned and orchestrated the WTC attack! israHell is the rothschild state, filled with and ran by Zionist’s who are part of the NWO, the rothschild’s have done so much harm to the US over the years, and have control over the cia/mossad, and use them constantly for their false flags and to create greedy wars! The world trade centre was takken down by a new unbenounced energy weapon, that is why the towers collapsed the way they did, and that is whymetal was bent the way it was, that is why paper did not burn but cars door handles did and so on…larn more by Dr. Jusy Wood –
This women knows her stuff! Sadam hussein was to stupid to pull this off! But the criminal fake jews have been attacking innocent people since their creation by satan, but that is another story…reserach it….they are luciferian worshippers…not jewish, that is satan’s work andthe fake jews are his tools to mislead teh real jews of israHELL into sin…think about it…jews own holly wood, TV and are amongst the richest race…yet this all goes against the messiah’s teachings….”a rich man will never enter the gates of heaven”, the jews use tv to make sinners of all of, they make you idolize, envy others, a need for more and better things, porn is owned by the jews…figure that one out…SIN…and on and on and people just don’t get it! Even the Christians, most of which have never read the bible, tehyjust let their priest recite the same verrses over and over, but do not read it themselves, and even the well known verses are ignored when people live the life they think is okay because society says so…just like being sympathetic to gays…GOD was clear when he siad NO MAN SHALL LAY WITH MAN, nor women with women, yet society ignores because media and govn’t say it is okay…well wake up people, they are making sinners out of all of us,and we don’t even know it, because that is the way of a dummied down society…follow society, govn’t and lames stream media and you will find yourself in the pits of hell!

isn’t the whole point of knowing information that others do not to inform others and not be giant cock sucking douches like the ones below me??

I admit almost every voice tells me to just dismiss this w/o even checking out, and I am most likely right this is BS, but there is always that possibility I am wrong.
“Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”
Mark Twain

Most people distrust the government so therefore rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt as you would do almost anyone you trust, they get the penalty of the doubt.

I am almost certain this story is BS, if not I am sure I will run across it again, not that that would prove it was true, but I might take a look then.

Who knows maybe with Russian help they turned him into a parrot, or he was planned to be a parrot.
Nearly all if not all Snowden said I already knew when I was about 17, that was 22 years ago, So I am surprised people are surprised at what he “revealed”. old news to me, they are just a lot better at filtering and processing the data, then they were before.

I had someone play a practical joke, it was a real time chat so you saw every letter they typed or if they hit a button.
I told them this is all recorded, and if i say a certtain thing it will be flagged to be analysed, or they may even watch live.
they laughed and said sure.
In the space of about 8-10 seconds our text colors, sizes, background color changed like 5 times, on both sides.
And I just said “see! , and someone has a sense of humor too. :)”

None of you notice the Obvious Sarcasm?
Notice it says Only WTC 7, not the 2 Towers.
Looks more like a parody or spoof of all the Arguments over 9/11.
But I could be wrong :)

this is govt disinfo and I doubt snowden said this, sadam couldn’t of got anywhere near these buildings.but we know who could of..and we know explosives were in buildings.alex jones is not a disinfonaut, but we know the govt pays trolls like you to spin the truth…

“Notice it says Only WTC 7, not the 2 Towers.
Looks more like a parody or spoof of all the Arguments over 9/11.
But I could be wrong :)”

It only mentions him blowing up WTC7 7 not the 2 main towers.
whomever wrote this is laughing at all the replies :)

I know Israel attacked the United States on 9/11. I presume Edward Snowden must know a little something of importance! Mr. Snowden–Who did 9/11? He can’t say, it is top secret. You got it now–like Assange he is a media friendly fraudster!

So, when the guy leasing the building said “pull it” ON VIDEO, that wasn’t real? I think it’s more likely that Snowden is a FRAUD working for the CIA!

I have to wonder why he has an agreement to not release fhe information publicly until after he is granted assylum? Why would Russia give him asylum first , or after? Why would they not want to unless they are implicated in Hussein’s terrorist act and want parts let out first. Or, Snowden is afraid the facts may backfire against Russia and they won’t give it to him afterwards.
The fact that he is putting his namesake out there and stating it us true is concerning enough that we do a thorough backcheck on the truth of these docs. If true, then go after the bastards and straighten out history with more lynching of the guilty. If he’s lying, he will never get freedom, nor assylum, and may eventually be returned back th the USA. If Russia is in collusion, they will not allow release, nor send him back to the USA. He remains safe unless he is lying. Russia is looking like they are culprits in some way. Snowmen may well be taking the truth. Let’s get those docs out publicly.

Myself, with an engineering background have read the government investigation report and do not see any way that the explosives of any type caused the failure of the twin towers. The collapse was certain and totally the result of the jets fuel, extreme heat generated at the point of explosion with fuel, the detailed assembly weldings and fasteners weakening and thus the linear failing of a corner resulting in excessive stress and weight at the adjacent corners. After that the same pattern of collapsing floors was caused by the extreme increased total weight of each floor dropping at the acceleration of gravity. Thus, the final falling clearly shows both the sequence of each floor banging downward as the assembly bards holding weight if added floors dropping increases the “g” foces.its really that simple when one listed to the crash if each floor and to the speed of collapse increases simultaneously.
All these outside theories are fabricated with playing with numbers and algorithms of people not facing the simple truth. Anyone could fly a jet into a building with 1000’s of gallons of highly explosive jet fuel. But, carrying hundreds of lbs by hand thru security and getting into to the atuake beams, bolts and wekdments is rather ridiculous without permits to use loud equipment through and beneath the interior walls at the beginning top floor structural points.

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