O’Reilly Media’s Jeffrey Carr bans only woman presenter at all-man tech conference

The nexus of trolling culture and call-out culture has O’Reilly Media’s Jeffrey Carr mansplaining to prominent women in tech.

INTERNET — Monday, Tim O’Reilly, who coined the terms Web 2.0 and Open Source, found his O’Reilly Media Corporation embroiled in a sexist scandal as his overpriced security TED talk variant “Suits and Spooks” . . .

McDonnell insider: “Anatabloc abuse led to 460 bondoggle”

Former Governor Bob McDonnell moments after eating a whole bottle of Anatabloc

INTERNET — According to a former intern, Anatabloc, now understood to be a highly addictive tobacco-derived amphetamine, may have been at the heart of the McDonnell administration’s “very aggressive” road construction plan on endangered wetlands which cost Virginia taxpayers $250 billion . . .

Eyes for the Sky

US Citizens advocating for terrorism from abroad are sheltering themselves from drone strikes

INTERNET — Hurtling and herding itself in a nosedive towards populist megalomania and snark grandiosity, the medium an explosive novelty like early film sending crowds running in fear of images of oncoming trains. “Fascism” would be well described with enhancing . . .


“I was on a super double high.”

This is the shittiest website I have ever seen. What happened to the categories, did you get tired of having something people could actually relate to?

News, Sports, Weather and Reviews were just too much like something regular people were used to seeing so we got rid . . .

Barrett Brown expresses support for Weev fundraising effort

An unlikely alliance? Neo-nazi internet troll 'Weev' is now advising ISIS in propaganda operations.

Barrett Brown called the chronicle.su to express his enthusiasm for Weev’s fundraising campaign.

With limited access to Internet, Barrett Brown still gets the news, albeit a little slowly.

“I think what Weev is working toward is really good,” Brown said from his mobile prison cell, an advanced diesel therapy treatment facility. “I saw him . . .

Andrew Aurenheimer, the hacker known as ‘Weev’, assists ISIS and CyberCaliphate in “destruction of Israel”

An unlikely alliance? Neo-nazi internet troll ‘Weev’ is now advising ISIS in propaganda operations.

LEBANON — Andrew Aurenhemier, also known as Weev, announced via twitter on Saturday that he’s joined ISIS to help in the fight against Israel. He tweeted, “There is only one hope left for the destruction of Israel and the . . .

Aliens are posting the truth on the Internet!


It’s not even like true remnants of previous Grey inhabitants of Earth don’t exist. This is my great grandpa, who died on earth in Egyptian times while working on the pyramids. Now some human posts pictures . . .

The False Choice of American Politics: The Socialist Party of America website is useless and ugly

Terror Rally ends in glorious victory

Washington, DC — The absolution of two-party control over American voters is so strong that actual voter fraud is neither necessary nor would it even be detectable if such a need were to arise.

The Socialist Party of America is suspiciously ugly. When compared to the Democratic . . .

Middle Eastern powermongering lost its thrill, Saudi leaders say

Saudi bombing raids are no longer fun, King Abdullah, leader of the Saudi Arabian peninsula, said after a Saturday bombing raid on Yemen.

“We bombed a 1,200-year-old mosque, a 13th century castle in Yemen, we bombed Syria, and today we even saw Egypt’s president Morsi sentenced to death,” Abdullah said. “It’s just not doing it . . .

‘Trigger Warnings’ added to VCU college acceptance paperwork

Richmond, Va. — Knowledge is power and it must be checked, according to gender studies undergraduates at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia who say the material to which the university has exposed them triggers PTSD relating to past incidences of vicious cyberbullying they have experienced in their lives.

The young womyn, who have asked . . .