One World Trade Secretly a Space Ship

One World Trade is the world’s biggest rocket and space station.

INTERNET — Sources say One World Trade is in fact a secret space ark built to shelter the super-rich through the oncoming mega-geodegradation from climate change and crust resettlement. Rocketry expert Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador told reporters, “This planet is fucked. Nothing we can . . .

Amanda Bynes: A Transhuman Experiment Gone Awry

Did Amanda Bynes’ parents have the means motives and opportunity to plant a chip in her head, effectively making her a Transhuman?

INTERNET — Amanda Bynes’ latest tweets strongly suggests she must be among the first generation of cybernetic transhumans, or may even be the very first ever, if it is indeed true, . . .

Amanda Bynes accuses father of Incest, promises restraining order

Amanda Bynes tweeted final proof that she isn’t crazy, Friday

INTERNET — Former Nickelodeon child actress Amanda Bynes came back to Twitter Friday, giving fans more of the floundering former child star peep show than they bargained for. Bynes told the masses, “My dad was verbally and physically abuse to me as a . . .

A Titan of a Job

GTA Online - Titan of a Job

Midnight: total darkness takes over the desert. Call comes through. It’s Ron, sez I’m due down at the docks in two hours for a crate job. Well, well, well, looks like my Saturday night just got a little more lucrative, doesn’t it?

But a sudden smell came over me. Perhaps a phantom, but it . . .

ISIS t-shirts trigger investigation at Virginia School

At least fifty local teens bought ISIS t-shirts through a local distributor who purchased the shirts directly from ISIS

INTERNET — Over forty teens at Hidden Vale High in Roamoke Virginia were sent home Thursday for wearing offensive pro-ISIS t-shirts, which police traced through a local flea market back to ISIS. Principal George . . .



Mel Gibson was abducted by ISIS early Tuesday morning

SAN DIEGO — Friends say Mel Gibson disappeared late Monday night after taking a drive through southern California. Tuesday evening, a video purportedly appeared on YouTube showing Mel Gibson, bound and kneeling in front of an ISIS banner and wearing an orange tunic. The . . .

5 Pictures of Great Leader That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Kim Jong Un - Our New Leader

. . .

Kim Jong Un shut-in, “addicted to gaming”

Kim Jong Un - Our New Leader

PYONGYANG – Petulant rumors percolating after reports by Western media outlets slandered benevolent North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, falsely suggest the glorious leader has been deposed by his own cabinet.

But accoding to official sources, this rumor is Western propaganda. “Kim Jong Un is very proud of the liberal DPRK . . .

Hacktivist ‘Weev’ found dead in Lebanese gutter

Fans mourn and celebrate the loss of Andrew 'Weev' Aurenheimer who was found dead Monday Morning

Fans mourn and celebrate the loss of Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer who was found dead Monday Morning

BEIRUT — The puffy, bruised corpse of Andrew Auernheimer, known to fans as ‘Weev’, was pulled out of a drainage channel in Beirut early Monday morning. He was last seen clubbing on a rooftop, huddled in a . . .

Hacker and Troll ‘Weev’ Flees America for Gaza

Why is everybody so upset by this run-of-the-mill Nazi?

Why is everybody so upset by this run-of-the-mill Nazi?

GAZA — People flee the United States after being wrongly imprisoned all the time, many after facing false charges stemming from a big telecom company’s sheer hatred. Maybe they just posted something negative online about the telecom company or got frustrated in their hellish . . .