Anonymous Smashes Bank of America contractor TEKSystems

INTERNET — Early Monday morning, the loosely knit collective of teenagers known as Anonymous was able to string together enough sentences to “kinda” make a press release for one of their greatest achievements since not hacking Stratfor: Releasing the data of Bank of America defense contractor, TEKSystems. AnonForecast, current leader of the Legion sector of […]

Kilgore Trout Ousts Barret Brown as Leader of Anonymous

Cuthbert, GA-Early this morning, Kilgore Trout announced that the hacktivist group formerly known as Anonymous is dead. Because of the inevitable progression and definition of ideology that makes up the body politic of the group formerly known as Anonymous, expert analysts believe the rise of a leader became a necessity. Now known as The Legion, […]

What The Legion and Westboro Baptist Church have in common

Extremist views on the freedom of speech Seek attention with the element of shock Exclusive Hateful Self-Righteous Excessive use of the word fag Trolls till death Homophobic The Jester has taken credit for his fail of a false-flag attack on Westboro Baptist. Westboro Baptist and The Legion have buried the hatchet. The Legion is waiting […]